-academic drawing
-architectural composition
-space geometry
-design basics
-history of architecture and art
workshops: watercolor, fashion and scenography
You can learn:
-academic drawing
-3D composition
-space geometry
-design basics
and more
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Knowledge's after few lessons
You will get basics of drawing and 3d thinking
You will get the right feeling of composition and space
Shadows and colors
You will get the knowledge of light and colors priority
Why this curse?
If you want to be an atchitect or designer, ARCH-CLASS is for you! Special Technics of drawing, 3D modelling, walk and draw (Outside drawing), design.
Best Quality
Years of experience and individual approach.
Professional light
Very important to have the right lightning
Own staff to draw
Only the best and the whitest figures to draw.
Friendly atmosphere
Music, good relationships and help when needed
Our Artists love Anna's lessons
Sarah Lewin
I joined the classes few days ago. First lesson was awesome! I am looking forward for the next one! Thank you Anna for your drawning tips!
Samuel Wolf
For whole life I was convinced that I am complete lack of talent. But now I can surely say that everyone can learn to draw. Thank you Anna!!
Alex Hoscher
Good and interesting curse. I stay till the end)
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