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Creativity Experiments
A new unconventional view of the world, which is so necessary today and even more in the future, requires the development of the paradoxical thinking and a creative approach to tasks to be mastered. We do experiments and small creativity competitions, where everyone can present him selve in a surprising and original way.

Basics of architectural design and composition
During our lessons we help children to develop imagination and spatial thinking. Our students start to feel the proportions and the connection between the parts within the whole, just like architects do.

To create something new, we have to think creatively and constructively, without templates. We invent and develop our concepts based on sketches in sketchbook, we make mini-presentations and defend projects in the internal competitions.

Academic drawing and coloring
Using lines, light and shadow, we learn to depict 3D figures and represent people on a surface. These lessons reveal beauty and diversity of the visible world, improves observation, concentration and fine motor skills.

3-D modeling
We create our fantastic buildings and cities of the future using paper, cardboard, wood, sometimes plastic and waste.

History and theory of architecture

Work shops for watercolor, design and scenography

If you want to focus your future life on architecture or design, this course is the right one. We will help you to make a portfolio for a higher school or university


Bruno-Marek Allee 22/3, 1020 Wien Architekturbüro Kreiner (U1 Praterstern)

Why this course?
Why this course?
Tired of living in a world where everything was invented before you? Come and we will create your own! If your plans for the future are architecture or design, then this course will help you decide on the chosen direction, and we will also put together an excellent portfolio for you!
  • Quality
    Individual approach
  • Professionalism
    Training is based on professional methods
  • Equipment
    plaster figures, easels and lighting
  • Friends and help
    Great atmosphere for creativity, individual and teamwork, mutual assistance
in Architecture LAB you can do:
-academic drawing
- 3D composition
-design basics
and more ...
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